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Onalea is sweet, kind and somewhat naive. Onalea is more loyal than your sweet little family puppy. She wants to make everyone around her happy. Onalea's favorite thing in the world is to see someone filled with joy and happiness. Onalea needs love daily and gives love daily. Onalea needs convincing that she is as important as she makes you feel. Onalea is a "there you are" not a "here I am". Onalea loves to be supportive and always has an ear and a shoulder for her friends and even strangers. Onalea will give you love and always needs love in return. Onalea is very sensitive and takes everything to heart. Onalea has great insight and intuitiveness. If you aren't careful she can feel what you are trying to hide from everyone else, but rest assured she will be your first source of comfort. Onalea, given the love she needs, and assurance she needs, will achieve more than she ever thought possible.
Onalea is most happy to see the joy in others.
by Archawena April 27, 2012
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