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To gain a percentage of another's cannabis cigarette, and to receive that percentage before anyone else
On you lad, gis a go of yer splenger(scouse accent please)
by Lovejoy's Lovechild September 08, 2006
An exclamation to suggest that someone has won an argument, game or has the better of a situation. Used to claim victory while simultaneously humiliating the person(s) at whom it is being directed.

Sometimes prefixed by "Arr." "The "Arr" is believed to be a corruption of a mocking "ha ha."
Teacher to class - "We're going to have a test tomorrow."
Student to teacher - "I'm not in school tomorrow, so arr on you!"
by Blindbetty March 09, 2008
"On you" is a request or demand to be after someone on what ever they have got.
Toby "on you tom."
Tom "no walker claimed"
by Sam mas March 17, 2007
To cover something, or to be focused on something
Darrelle Revis has the best on you in the league.

This video is gonna suck, I have terrible on you right now.
by Ethan Zien September 18, 2011

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