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a large male (sometimes female) who has gigantic nipples, larger than your average pancake. Usually reeks of B-O, also studders or talks rapidly.
Yo! you see that ondeck over there! Don't you just want to go bean dip him!
by The Cat Farmers February 09, 2012
if you're on deck, you're prepared for a transaction
are you on deck?
by --- February 06, 2000
When smoking J's, on deck is that who is ready to spark the next one. He/she does this by placing the J that will be smoked on top of their ear.
Alright, I could smoke another one, who's on deck?

Look at you, always on deck!

What's that shit on your ear? Oh, you're on deck.
by Friend of the night August 18, 2007
A plan with a female or the plan for the day. Something that is planned or will be happening next when pertaining to females or going out.
1. I didn't have any females on deck so I stayed home and went to sleep.

Homeboy 1: Man, what do you have on deck for the night?

Homeboy 2: Nothing much. Just this one chick I met at the club. She wanna kick it so I'm going to chill with her.
by JOJO411 March 01, 2008
1. coming up
2. up next
ashley is going now and you are on deck
by j stu August 06, 2004
When you've got a poop ready.
Get out of the damn bathroom, I've got one on deck!
by ILoveThom'sChickenDance February 02, 2004
1.) to be on or under the influence of marijuana
2.) to have marijuana in your possession that you plan to sell
1.) your eyes are blasted man, are you on deck?
2.) hey bill i need a gram by tonight, are you on deck?
by TFS September 21, 2005