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When a comment, idea or situation is so bad it requires a rating on a scale.

Because Scales and Fails are SRS BSNESS
"On a scale of 1-Fail, I'm feeling your idea is all fail"

"On a scale of 1-Fail Steve, your comments on late-term abortions are pointing towards fail"

"After telling my friends I had important work to be doing and couldn't come to some chicks b-day party at work, yet instead sat in my underwear sweating profusely until 3am pounding the ass of a giant dragon with an extremely low chance of dropping some sort of epic item for my elf alter-ego

At this point I Realised, On a Scale of 1-Fail.. My Life was all Fail"

"Steve: Oh god man, I sneezed so hard I think.. I think I shat my pants.

Dave: I'm not even bringing the scale in on this one, gtfo Steve, I Don't even know why we hang with you man"
by Phauxed June 11, 2010