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Olytroll is an ambiguous term used to describe a male or female of disgusting moral character and personal hygiene from Olympia, Washington.

When referring to the male variety, Olytrolls are usually shirtless sexual predators that are born out of the foam at a foam party at the Vault. The male Olytroll will most likely travel in packs and will also serve as some form of grunt in the US military. He and his Olytroll friends will surround any woman they deem intoxicated. They will then proceed to subtly molest her and follow her to her vehicle when she leaves the club and tries to escape them. At that point they will become violent and commit a felony or two.
Female Olytrolls are complete alcoholics. They will be a minimum of 40 pounds overweight and there is a high likelihood that they will be a smoker as well. Female Olytrolls tend to fly solo looking for a good natured man to feed upon. They will fully employ all of their feminine wiles since they have no redeeming qualities to attract this helpless victim. The female Olytroll will then slowly drain her victim of the will to live and the will to leave her worthless ass like she deserves. Beware the female Olytroll's sense of entitlement. Since she has no accountability or reason, you have no chance of convincing her she should do something to improve her pathetic situation.
Scott: Wow what was up with those guys at the Vault?
Ella: I know right! They wouldn't stop harassing me. They were total Olytrolls
Scott: Can't be any worse than the Olytroll I dated a few months back. How did I ever survive?
Ella: You didn't.
by TheHotPantsFranchise June 23, 2011

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