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1. Crazy, bold, French guy in his mid-thirties who likes his Saumur
2. Male, French who likes to push his Ducati to the limit and do wheelies from point A to Point B
3. Horny French devil who is always shopping for the flavor of the day
Calice, you are Olivier?

Tabarnak, you're pushing it like Olivier !

J'ai nique comme Olivier hier soir...
by Zoube October 23, 2008
A sexy, French Guelph student. He has killer abs, and the finest body any girl has ever seen. When Olivier's in town, the woo girls hollar at him. He is the sweetest, kindest and most respectable guy in the universe.
I'm dating a guy named "Olivier", he must be a sweetheart!
by Olivierissexy September 16, 2011