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The best person you could ever meet. Quiet, serious and shy, yet extremely funny and amazing. One of the most huggable people ever. He has a big heart and will always be there for you no matter what.
Person #1: I've been feeling very depressed lately.
Person #2: Maybe you should talk to Olfunsu. He'll lift your spirits in a second!
Person #1: True! Thanks for the advice.

Person #3: That Olfunsu guy is very sweet. He's the best person ever.
Asli: Yes, I'm aware of that. Now back off, he's mine.
Person #3: But--
Asli: Back off!
Person #3: Calm you ti--
Asli: -Rips other person #3's head off with super karate anti-walker moves-
by Asli March 25, 2013
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