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Ahh Old Sturbridge Village. It is an 1800s town in the middle of sturbridge massachussetts. For children from all around it means fun. For sturbridge children it is a yearly torture. Preschool: yessssss Kindergarten:yes 1st grade:mmhhmmmm 2nd:yay 3rd:yup 4th:wtf again 5th:this is ridiculous 6th:ive had enough of this shit im going to go smoke in the woods behind the school house. Ahhh the wonders of a tourist attraction. A sturbridge resident can say oh i live in sturbridge and get the response of "whhheerreeee???" but the second they say old sturbridge village they get the answer "oooohhhhhh ive been there". The town of sturbridge is literally defined by OSV people ask if we go to school in 1800s clothes... noooo we do not. Its a small section of town even we have to pay to get into so get over it.
Old Sturbridge Village
by A Sturbridgian March 20, 2010
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