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a sarcastic, playful twisting of the real name of TV talk show hostess Oprah Winfrey.
1. Julius: Oprah says-

Brutus: Who cares what Okra Windbag says? Why do you depend on these media gurus to make your mind up for you? Think for yourself.

2. In the Del Webb's High Sierra casino in Lake Tahoe, Nevada I saw an "adult" entertainment show called "Bottoms Up '87". Its jokes had 4th-grade sex humor, racist and anti-religious humor, a drag queen chopper chick karaoke of Bruce Springsteen's "Fire" (this was the best part) and a minstrel show skit called "So You Want To Be Black" featuring an "Okra Windbag" (and she was in blackface getup too!). Juvenile and dumb. I kept calling up a waitress and she kept serving me free drinks. All the dumb white trailor trash moms in the theater room ate it all up.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice March 26, 2010
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