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a merge between the ska term 'oi' and the 'psst' that filipinos have come to use to summon others. where as 'psst' is used for sublety oist is more boisterous
'oist! Pare yosi tayo sa lung center!
by celaeno December 10, 2003
Filipino slang for "Hey!" made from the word "Oi" and the "Psst" sound a Filipino makes the attract the attention of his fellow man.

Also a punk rock band from the Philippines

"Oist! What's up man?"


Oist! was formed during the fall of 2003, their style has been known to experiment with deep emotional songs, sing along anthems, as well as gloriously dark tracks. One of the few atypical musical bands in the Philippines today. -- Alternative Pinoy Magazine
by Aequitas August 11, 2003
First used, IPP registered as the name of a literature/lifestyle magazine released in the Philippines in the year 2002. OIST is owned by PME Corporation. "OIST!" is our calling word. A combination of "Oy!" and "Psst!" A phrase used by Filipinos in calling the attention of someone.
Oist! Sino ang naghihimala?
by oist! May 11, 2006
Attractive. Derived from the word 'moist'. Used to describe an attractive person who makes you feel moist.
Retarded school boy #1: Wow, look at her...
Retarded school boy #2: ...oist...
by Kristiana November 05, 2007
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