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A phrase used to describe the way OPEC, the government, the petrol forecourts and the importers of oil (who hold the tankers offshore for weeks at a time in anticipation of further price rises in oil, consequently further lining their already bulging pockets) hold the whole world to ransom and royally screw all honest, working and middle class people, by forcing us to either pay their extortionate prices for a natural product, lest we decide not to pay, in which case, we are unable to travel to work, earn money and thus continue living.
Government: "We will be adding a further 10p of duty onto fuel this October, with a second increase of 12p in April. Combined with an increase in VAT, this will result in everyone being financially raped by us fat cat bastards for more money"

Honest, hard-working people: "But we can't afford such an increase! Food prices, gas and electric costs and the cost of living in general has sky-rocketed, along with council taxes, and all this is slap bang in the middle of recession, where no-one has had a pay-rise in years. We cannot afford to go to work if fuel prices are increased. And if we cannot go to work, we cannot afford to live!"

Government Not realising that increasing the cost of travelling to work could one day do untold damage to the economy and is basically shooting an already struggling economy in the foot: "Tough shit you measly paupers! This is your oil-timatum. Pay sky high fuel costs or wither away like the weak vermin you are!"
by STUBWFC December 29, 2010
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