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A word used in place for the word Okay most likely when someone Falcon Punches you for even being weird enough to look this word up.
John:Hey guys imma look up Ohtay -2mins later-

Paramedic:Wtf did he say to his friends?
Paramedic2:he looked up Ohtay
Paramedic2:u just say ohtay?!?!?
Paramedic:NO NO NO NOO!
by EiKirk August 22, 2009

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Buckwheat version of the word "okay", made popular by Eddie Murphy's impression of the 'Little Rascals' star as a grown-up. Used to signify agreement with a request or statement when you either don't know what's going on or don't give a damn.
Boss: "So get your sorry act together, Jones.....or maybe we'll find someone to replace you around here. Got that?!"

Employee: (grinning vacantly and making "okay" sign with thumb and forefinger) "Oh-TAY, boss!!! Buckwheat say oh-tay!!!!!"
by Gee-Hova June 09, 2005