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Anyone with an association to one of the most respected academic and athletic universities in the world. Also, one of the oldest universities in the U.S., Thee Ohio State Buckeyes have won more national championships, bowl games, and conferance titles than most schools in the country. Home of 2 of the greatest coaches in college football history (Woody Hayes, Jim Tressel), Thee Ohio State Buckeyes are tied for most Heisman winners at 7 with Notre Dame. The only school to have a single player win the award twice. One of the most dominant athletic forces in the nation, especially during the 1st 10 years of the millenium in all departments. The Buckeyes are also one of the most hated on juggernauts in the U.S. due to pure talent and heart. In 2011 A witch hunt was held against Jim Tressel, 5 Buckeye football stars, and subsequently the rest of the school over a moronoic rule that players cannot sell awards that they earned for any reason. BOLLOCKS!!! Also the greatest fan base in the world cheer the Buckeyes. Oh, and the rival of the Michigan wolverines (A.K.A. cupcake university) who continue to be crushed at every meeting in the last 7 years straight. Not to mention about to take the lead in wins vs loses between the two rivals. Greates rivalry in sports. EVER!!
The Ohio State Buckeyes are studs that stomp out the team up north with no mercy.
#hatorade #studs #pimps #juggernaut #buckeyes #osu #ohio state #thee ohio state university #champs #bcs #ncaa #tressel #woody hayes #buck nutty #what now bitch!
by SIZZLLIN March 24, 2011
An over-rated football team that has owned the Michigan Wolverines. 5 Time National Champions including 2003. 27 Time Big Ten Conference Champions/CO-Champions.
Ohio State Buckeyes beat Michigan in route to their 5th National Championship.
by Matt November 19, 2004
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