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The name of the sports teams of Ohio State University, often coined as the "suck-eyes" by rival Michigan or SEC teams that think they have an amazing school due to a surging football team. Most notably, they are rivals with "that team up north" (aka Michigan). Their fans are often called rednecks and slobs by the visiting Michigan fans and then proceed to call them "scUM" or "arrogant asses". Also, they are known for choking on the big stage, or losing to large out-of-conference teams such USC, Florida, and Texas. See also: Jim Tressel, Cooperitis, TBDBITL, and Buck-nuts.
"Hey Jim, did you watch The Ohio State Buckeyes last night?"

"Yeah, they beat Michigan for the fifth straight year in a row. Do you think they'll beat Florida?

by schizophreniaishardtospell July 30, 2009

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