A bunch of dumb ass kids that couldn't get in to either Michigan or Miami (of Ohio) University.

A bunch of decently talented football players that play in the most overrated conference in the NCAA.

A bunch of faggots that consistently get their asses whooped by bigger and better SEC teams.

A bunch of faggots who worship a fucking nut as their mascot.
"Those douche bags from Ohio State University are really fucking stupid."
"Ya. They must have been rejected from Miami and Michigan."
"For sure."

"Did you see their bowl game?"
"Ohio State got their asses whooped after playing in the softest conference in the NCAA."
"What a bunch of nut loving FAGGOTS."
by The motha fuckin don February 04, 2008
University in Columbus, Ohio. Aside from the distractions posed by its violent, ghetto atmosphere, it is actually possible to get a fairly good education from OSU. It offers a fairly wide spectrum of curriculum choices, and used to have some of the best professors around. (The quality of their professors is, sadly, degrading over time.) They also have a pretty good football program, for those with nothing better to do.
We're going to OSU to help the Buckeye fans beat the living hell out of the Michigan fans. Wanna come along?
by Who, me? August 16, 2003
Team who has cheated in every single football game they ever won
"Hail to the Victors" is played every year where Ohio state University doesnt cheat bad enough to beat Michigan
by Liam E November 25, 2005
A junior college located in Columbus, OH; known for its shitty football team and obnoxious fans.
Ohio State swallows.
by stockli August 23, 2005

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