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Incorrect way of pronouncing THE Ohio State University.
Guy 1: So I was visiting Ohio State Unive--
Guy 2: Whoa whoa whoa whoa now. You mean you were visiting THE Ohio State University
Guy 1: Whatever. And they had this pool
Guy 2: No, repeat the sentence correctly.
Guy 1: What?
Guy 2: Do it.
Guy 1: No
Guy 2: Motherfucker, you wanna get laid out?
Guy 1: I was visiting THE Ohio State University.
#college #football #ohio #university #state
by Beanstalker March 10, 2011
Considered the best Public school in the state. Recently ranked AHEAD of Miami of Ohio by U.S. New and World Report. It is easy to hate a good school with a dominant football program, which is why so many outsiders do. And not quite so ghetto as some ignorant people think.
Ohio State University was the best school I ever visited
#ohio #buckeyes #ohio state #football #college
by Chris dubbs May 08, 2006
the best damn state school in the nation.
Go Bucks!
by The Big B April 05, 2004
Largest college in the U.S. They have strong graduate programs. Typically perceived a close second to Miami University (Ohio) for undergraduate. Ohio State Michigan football game is a national spectacle. There is also a university in rural Athens, Ohio called Ohio University which is a separate institution.
It's THE Ohio State University, not to be confused with Ohio University!
#ohio state university #ohio state #ohio #columbus #buckeyes
by GoBucks October 26, 2005
one of the most arrogant universities in the world. known for rowdy, obnoxious fans, thug football players, and thinking they are special by putting the word 'THE' in front of their name. Also known for seeing how many kids they can cram onto their campus.
Dude 1: Why does Ohio State University have so many uneducated, drunk fans?

Dude 2: Because most of their fans are band-wagons that have little to no affiliation with the school what so ever.
#ohio state #college football #drunk fans #band wagons #buckeyes #michigan #thugs #arrogance
by wnstni April 24, 2008
An institution dedicated to producing employees for companies owned by graduates of The University of Michigan.
Being accepted to Ohio State University requires filling out an application.
#ohio #buckeyes #osu #ohio state #midwest #university
by Chito Sanchez September 04, 2007
noun: The University of Florida's Bitch
Dude 1: Wow, so we just beat Ohio State University in 2 championship games in 4 months?

Dude 2: Yeah, I'd hate to go there
#ohio state #osu #florida's bitch #owned #chuck norris #gator bait
by Gainesville April 10, 2007
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