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A word used to say Hi to people, used mostly on videogames such as WoW, Runescape, and other online games.
Ohaider OMGWTFBBQHAX. How do'ya do?
by OMGWTFBBQHAX March 31, 2008
The Dumb Combination of the 3 Words "Oh", " Hi" and "There".
Yes, Noobs Usually Say Ohaider instead of Oh Hi There.
"Ohaider" the Word, Is usually Used in Multiplayer Video Games.
Example 1: a Noob would Say Ohaider when A Pro and/or a Noob says Hello, Ohai or Hai.
Example 2: a Pro would Say Hello when a Noob, Teammate or Enemy Pro says Hi, Hello, Sup, Ohai or Hai.
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by UnitedBlu™ Lensko July 20, 2016
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