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To get over excited over something.
Will: Dude I just got laid
by TurtleLovingZombie August 27, 2010

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To express suprise, much like ohmygawd. Formed by combining "oh", "my", and "jesus". This is the illigitamate son of ohmygawd who will reincarnate later or somthing.
Spackerdave: "Ohmygawd, we forgot to do the math homework! AND I JUST BROKE MY LEG"
ReZ: "ohmyjesus"
by ReZeroX November 18, 2003
To be used when something is amazing/shocking to emphasise how you feel. It is not the same as Oh My God which would be a bigger deal, and really, doesn't sound as good. Can also be shortened to OMJ.
OH MY JESUS! I just saw Sally banging Paula's ex!

OH MY JESUS! I think we ran over a squirrel.
by newkidondablock September 22, 2011