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The band made up of members from other bands that have epicly failed, that likes to brainwash and or con poor unsuspecting kids. They also have a group of fans on MySpace. This group consist of 10-11 t33ni3 girls that have no taste in music. They also like to spam other well known and enjoyable bands messageboards/forums. Due to their spamming most of the members of the spammed messageboards/forums hate them. Thus making both the band and thier fans epic failures.
Oh, Hush! Teenie- OMG U should lyk so gow chek out Th!$ band. They are So twotaly awsum!!!11!one!1

FobrBoardie- Hell no -Wtfface-

Teenie- W3ll u kno that -insertbandnamehere- h@$ b33n h4$ been workin wif them!!one!!11won11!!

Boardie- Yeah...No one cares -continues with total pwnage-

by FobrBoardie=pwnage March 31, 2009
A band that is 100% all about the music and the fans. In order to do this, the members keep their identities a secret.

Oh, Hush!'s debut album 'The Yellow Album' came out on 9.30.08.

They started on myspace and can be found at www.myspace.com/ohhushmusic
have you listened to Oh, Hush! today?
by Kelsey Medcalf October 15, 2008
the greatest Rock / Pop / Disco House band ever! They have been incognito on
myspace for over a year and have been gaining fans every since. its a really
cool band, and you can listen to their music at myspace.com/ohhushmusic
Bob- "have you heard Oh, Hush! made a new album?!"
Bill- "OMG really?! Took them long enough! I am so going to their myspace and
buying the CD before it's sold out!"
by itxheather January 19, 2009