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The Term "Oh Snapple!" Is An Exclamatory Phrase;A Playful Indication Of Surprise, Misfortune, Or Insult. The Term Derives From The Phrase "Oh Snap". The Origin Of The Word Is Random. The Term Was Invented At Hanna High School In Brownsville, Texas By Stephanie. See OH SNAP,Also Holy Shit
David: Oh What The Whale,Look At Perla's Fat!
Stephanie: Oh Snapple! She's Got Laura's Syndrome!
by David Gonzalez January 14, 2006
Deriving from the term "Oh Snap", "Oh Snapple!" is a term simply meaning "Oh my gosh" or "Ooh". Can be used when a "Burn" takes place, or in any shocking, funny, or crazy instance.
Georgia- "Sasha, are you wikipedia?"

Sasha- "Not that I know of..."

Georgia- "Then why do you keep changing your story?"

Nicole- "OH SNAPPLE!"

Lynn- "Burn!"

Monica- " That was incredibly lame Georgia, get some good jokes, whore."
by CoconutMuffin February 07, 2011
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