Top Definition
Official Theme of Gamefaqs
(Sang to the Slinky song)

Who bans your ass without care,
he really is that sort of guy.
Sell-out and make a lot of dough,
that's just our pal, Cjayc.

"Time to purchase a new boat or car",
that's what he asks to himself.
Or maybe he'll buy his very own country?
That's just out pal, Cjayc.

It's Cjay, it's Cjay,
CNet gave him lots of cash.
It's Cjay, it's Cjay,
money shoots out his ass.
"Wow, Gamefaqs sucks."
by Firecrest November 23, 2004
The official song of GameFAQs is 'Informer' by Snow. Simple as that.
"Informer, you no say Daddy me Snow me I'll go blame, a licky Boom Boom Down."
by ozzyhudson May 08, 2005
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