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this is the office muppet; leaders throughout the organization will try and surround themselves with kermits, people they can influence, pull their strings, play them at times, have them do whatever and whenever they want. The great leaders will strategically have kermits throughout the company in different cross-functional groups so they can rally them, pull them to take complete control. Some kermits are true losers, born that way and will always be losers, others unfortunately find themselves in this role, and often don't realize it until it's too loate ... they were probably promoted into it, possibly given a title, and may even be well paid, or overpaid ...only to serve as a kermit. Saavy leaders will seek out office 7 irons in the company to serve as their future kermits.
Jackson: Did you hear what happend to Lars?
Murphy: No what's up?
Jackson: He's been recruited by Miller?
Murphy: Ooh? To do what?
Jackson: Well after hearing how Lars backed Millers ridiculous idea in the advertising meeting, I'm guessing he is the new office kermit.
by lastgreatnobody March 28, 2009
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