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Term used to describe a state of being off of the internet, no Facebook, Twitter, Skype, AIM, Gmail chat, Myspace etc. The only exception being e-mail and phone calls (only school/work related). Generally used in cases of drama-overdose.
"My dog died yesterday, and my boyfriend just dumped me so I'm going off-grid, guys. Call me."

"That bitch is totally cyber-bullying me so I'm going off-grid until that chick cools off."
by I'm purty May 07, 2010
Off-Grid is a term used when cutting off all contact via internet and phone with friends and family for an alloted amount of time.

Typically, it's used by TRON fans.

It is also used when cutting off all contact, so one can have alone time.
You can't get in contact with them. They're Off-Grid.
by TheOneJaeMills January 08, 2011
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