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To have done good enough at something to have yourself recognized.
"Danielle gave up her swimming time to help me paint."
"That's off the Heezie Phascheezie!"
by Brooklyn York June 18, 2004

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Ridiculous ebonic slang gone overboard. A mutation of a mutation. i.e. "off the hook" and all of the -izzle nonsense combined to make a new and extraordinarily retarded phrase.

A mild example of this sort of double mutation would be like coining the word "Wazzigga" to mean "Whazzup, Nigga?"
Dumbass1: Yo, Wazzigga!?
(Hello there. What is up, my friend?)
Dumbass2: You're Off the Heezie Phascheezie!
(I love you.)

by Ewolfe357 August 02, 2006