Synonyms - OctoDork, OctoDolt, Assmunch
Octodork is an Assmunch
by RelicFanBoi September 14, 2003
Top Definition
A sexual position shaped like an actual octothorpe (#) where 4 people lie on the ground and perform oral sex on each other.

Two people lie on their backs facing in opposite directions with their arms stretched above their heads, while two other people lie face down on top placing their arms above their heads and onto the floor. When each persons genitals are matched to another persons face this makes a tic tac toe shape or 'octothorpe'.
Joli, Tony, Nico and Kaytrin wanted to octothorpe but they knew it would make their trip to the cabin awkward.
by KingofCandlesticks June 14, 2010
Someone who thinks that Relic/Sierra care about his "Secret Decoder Ring".

An idler who in the lobby all day waiting for someone who beats him to log on so that person can be called a cheater/quitter.

A forum troll who likes to complain about everything and nothing because he has no life/job.

A noob who makes plats no matter the map. His motto, "the bigger the map, the more plats I attack with."
Haha look at that Octothorpe getting ripped apart on every forum he posts on.
by octo = plat noob November 20, 2003
(1) subject to periodic fits of paranoia and logorrhea, someone without control on his own mouth, hopeless loser

(2) medical: Brain abscess

(3) legal: act of being online to find little friends wanting to visit one's porn site
1 - Stop being an octothorpe!

3 - He was arrested for octothorpe
by Ummon December 06, 2003
1 n. Synonym for "that sad fuck"
Octothorpe sits in the HW2 lobby all day.
by The Great Beloise November 19, 2003
Twat, annoyance, right pain in the ass

Should be avoided at all costs
Similar to the french, but France has contributed a lot more to space travel then what Cocktodork has contributed to anything
shit, here he goes again
by Gurfy November 19, 2003
A lamer who enjoys stirring up trouble in gaming communities by making false and unverifiable allegations of cheating.
That asshole is being a real Octothorpe.
by ceejayoz November 19, 2003
A loney old man with no friends. Also like to think everone likes him. Is banned from most forums for being octo. Futhermore he is a he/she and swings both ways
by sha November 02, 2003
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