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When you know somebody is a faggatron. But he isn't exactly 100% faggatron. Because he is a fag but he's also retarded. 25% = retarded, 75% = faggotron makes one an Octofag. An Octofag is your regular kid who's parents look like they both have down syndrome. He uses slangs and words that don't make sense at all and he wears Hollister/Abercrombie with nautical beach necklaces. To top it all off, he lives in Alaska.
Guy 1: Yo, do you see that faggot ass retarded ass guy over there?
Guy 2: Yeah man, he works at Hollister and lived in Alaska his entire life.
Guy 3: Ohhhhh....he's a fucking octofag.
by YompsChomps June 07, 2010

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