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One who has multiple personalities, specifically eight; many of which may contradict eachother, i.e. gangsta, skater, emo/punk, scene, jock, playa, prep, and/or rebel. Similar to, but not synonymous with multiple personalities or schizophrenia. People with this condition are known to change personalities often, rapidly, and without warning.
Person One: Wait, Sean is emo today? Yesterday he was acting gangsta.
Person Two: Oh, he's such an octoface.
by pretzelups June 29, 2009
The act of waving (like an octopus) one hand underneath your chin whilst making a weird face, and/or weird noise. The octoface is used in many situations, whether to just wave, or relieve tension. The octoface is very versatile.
Stranger: I love one direction.
You: *octoface*
by EmilyTheOctopusOnLand August 07, 2012
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