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A penis with eight other penis's coming out of it.
I have a large octo penis
by lolpenorlol April 15, 2009
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an std you get after having sexual intercourse with a slutty girl. it causes 7 desies riddled penis to sprout from your groin
you definitely got Octo-Penis from that slut last night
by klimerman May 28, 2011
1 0
Eight penises on one creature.
Take an octopus and replace it's arms with penises, that would be an Octopenis
by Octowoman October 30, 2010
3 2
This is a magical and mystical creature that lives in northern England - Lancashire. Born as a normal boy, but with eight penises, he uses his monumental amount of penises to keep his girlfriend warm by wrapping around her like a quilt.
"I'll be your quilty"
"Once you've gone octo - your just plain strange"
"Having sex with Octopenis is like being in a Japanese Porno"
"Oh Octopenis, more more MORE"
by Mr Tailjob December 04, 2009
4 4