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A fictious month in the mad world of Doctor Seuss in which any possiblity may happen, in between December and January...also comparable to the phrase 'when pigs fly'.
"Sure, I'll go out with you...on the first of Octember!"
by Hector Osbert January 20, 2004
The month on the Gregorian (Alie8ed Revision) calander of Middarthian-Derby

It is a 92 day long fusion of October, November and December.
Tradition has it that Christ was born on the 85th of Octember
by King Dave of Derby January 31, 2004
(v): in between month for those who can't remember if they were born at the end of September or early October. Thus making the Zodiac sign a Virbra.
My daughter was born in Octember.

Octember is a beautiful time of the year.
by mgmusa January 09, 2011
The rather warm and wet month between October and September
Damn i hat this Octember weather...
by Eric Mckinney November 04, 2003
A made up month that fuses October and September.
I was boen on Octember 32
by adonkeyisaass October 12, 2003
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