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Nickname for Kansas State University's basketball stadium Bramlage Coliseum
Not even Texas can win in the Octagon of Doom. DOOOOOOOOOOM
by tGbAsP32 February 01, 2010
The octagon of doom refers to the act of having unprotected sex with a prostitute in a 3rd world country without a condom. Hence, the octagon is formed by the 8 diseases one is likely to contract, AIDS, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Crabs, HPV, Scabies, and Herpes.
"you were really taking your chances with the octagon of doom when you visited that whorehouse is Rwanda"
by pkp2236 January 30, 2010
A phrase from Manhattan, Kansas and Kansas State University that is used to describe Bramlage Coliseum where the Wildcats play basketball. Holds two very different meanings:

1. Supposed to imply that the team playing K-State is doomed to lose. Thus, the opponent is doomed.

2. Also can be applied when a better team comes to Bramlage Coliseum, thus dooming the Kansas State fans to a disappointing loss.

Note: Kansas State fans are subject to just as much doom as the teams they play, especially when playing The University of Kansas Jayhawks.
1. Wow, the Octagon of Doom was absolutely crazy when K-State beat a struggling Texas team.

2. After Kansas beat Kansas State inside the Octagon of Doom, all the fans in purple and white realized they are doomed to lose to Kansas forever.
by BBallfanatic February 01, 2010

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