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It is Ocelot's own style of Russian Roulette, displayed in MGS3.

Basically, you take one revolver (preferably a six-shot of course) and insert a bullet, and then spin the chamber and lock it, not knowing where the bullet truly is (ala normal Russian Roulette). Then, you take two more revolvers, and then, you juggle them. After juggling enough times, proceed with pulling the trigger of a revolver. After juggling three or more revolvers, pull the trigger again on the next one. Follow this process four more times, unless one of the revolvers already discharged the bullet.

You be the judge as to which version of Russian Roulette is more terrifying. Personally, I find this version to be quite cool, and it can be terrifying because ONE of those revolvers does have a single bullet. And besides, you're not betting YOUR life when performing Ocelot Russian Roulette.
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