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A small but fierce community in San Diego, California. We like our oceans blue, our streets clean and our girls beautiful. If your not from here it would be wise to respect the locals, take your trash with you, and keep your opinions to yourself. We got shit on lock and we're down to split a few melons if we feel the need to. But for the most part we're pretty laid back.
Hey have you ever been to Ocean Beach, San Diego.
by anto1511 October 11, 2010
39 9

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A small but fierce town in San Diego, California. Respect the locals (especially in the water), clean up after yourself and your pets, don't feed our bums or trolls, tip our waiters and waitresses, and keep in mind that you a guest in OUR house so be courteous and kind. Other than that just enjoy yourself.
I am going to Ocean Beach, San Diego.
by anto1511 October 13, 2010
30 6
A half ghetto/half not beach community in San Diego.
It definitely has a "locals only" vibe.
It's a chill place, but some of the people are dicks.
You can feel a vibe in the air that everyone there thinks they're the shit.
Lots of bums, druggies, skaters, surfers, and just random people that chill at the beach.

If you want a more laid back beach, try Carlsbad or Oceanside.
I cruised around Ocean Beach, San Diego today and some burnout skater kid riding a longboard held onto the back of my car while in motion.

Only in OB.
by Daygo Boy Mike June 22, 2010
12 34