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In the realm of hard rock and heavy metal music, to be Obsidian, a band must straddle the line between rock and metal, while having psychedelic, occult, & doom elements.
Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats, Jex Thoth, and Blood Ceremony have all, at one point, been Obsidian.
by Xenos Nassar August 06, 2012
Black, hard, heavy, unnatural almost-metallic material. Something much similar to hardened lava.
obsidian chalices, other such things. 'Obsidian tides will be natures bane.'
by Quilly February 06, 2005
cool or something remotely different, extreme awsomeness.
different. Dark.
this butterfly is so obsidian
by banana brains March 11, 2008
Dark Warrior, main character of the Soul Chronicles. Copyrighted.
Obsidian rebels against Mot Gmohk but retains his darkness.
by Raine December 06, 2003
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