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When a boyfriend/girlfriend requires that every single moment of their pathetic lives be spent with their emotionally abusive significant other; via telephone, internet, msn, text messaging, webcam, or in person while holding a gun to the other's head threatening to kill them if they even break eyesight.

"That's not a relationship, that's an obsessiveship!!!!"

"Shaniqua was in an obsessiveship, with an ogre that never let her go to Ihop with her friends."

"Do you think Ayeshia is in an obsessiveship?
- Well, she never leaves her room, and I've heard the ogre talk about killing her family, so I would say so."

"Damn girl, you just missed out on a damn good taco salad b/c of your obessiveship!"

by Jessica Ring July 15, 2008
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