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People who claim they are obsessed and love The Jonas Brothers, when they don't even own a CD besides A little bit Longer and know nothing about them. Their favorite Jonas Brothers songs include, SOS,Hold On, When you look me in the eyes and Burnin' Up.

They like Kevin the least/hate him and love Nick the most.They only Like The Jonas Brothers because of their looks and music and not because of their personality. (mostly because they don't know anything about their personality.)

They have no real knowledge of the boys and do not genuinely pay attention to their daily lives.

They tend to be the most annoying "fans".
Obsessive Jonas Disorder Poser (OJDP) Converstion :

OJDP: "I Loooove The Jonas Brothers!"

OJD: "Really"

OJDP: "I think some of your OJD Rubbed off on me!"

OJD: "Really... What are you favorite songs?"

OJDP: "It's between When you look me in the eyes and Goodnight and Goodbye,I can't decide I love all 6 songs!"

OJD: " Oh my Jonas..."
by JonasLover123 August 11, 2008

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