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Foul language uttered by an insane person, especially when to no one real person in particular.
The homeless guy sits on the steps of the post office all day muttering obsanities to the voices in his head.
by Tim Provencio July 27, 2006
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combonation of obscene and insanity, used to describe something rediclous
when bob's full house was beat by four of a kind, he claimes thats obsanity
by bobert September 26, 2004
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A word that steph made up, and claims is a legit word. Although the closest word is Obscenity.

"Plural" of Obscene. Although is a mix of Obscene and Insanity.
not for insufficient beings who create major obsanitys in Team Great world
by TeamGayJoshandJakeFTW July 10, 2008
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