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A name for a monster on the internet, usually used in reference to someone who randomly swears constantly and has a temper problem in an IRC chat room. The term first came into use on Dalnet.


Another use of the word Obleku is in reference to player killing someone for payment, Like a user in an MMORPG. This came into use after a bug abuse by IRC users in the MMO Runescape.
<Random Person> F*** I hate this F*** S***
<You> Stop going Obleku and calm down man
(Replaying *'s with swear words)


<You> I am going to Obleku Jess12 cause Josh22 offered me 1 million gold
#obleku #oblekoo #obleeku #pk #player killing #dalnet
by Vip-on Seers October 07, 2007
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