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A person who deeply loves inanimate objects; also known asObjectum Sexual. Only 40 of these people are known of in the world, and all are women who are said to have found each other through the Internet. The vast majority of people who have this have a form ofAsperger's, a syndrome which can inhibit social behavior. A woman in Sweden is married to theBerlin Wall, another woman from the U.S. is married to theEiffel Tower. A facination with large-scale engineering structures seem to be common: bridges, buildings, and landmarks- i.e. theBrooklyn Bridge, and theEmpire State Building.
Onlooker #1-
Why is that woman hugging and kissing the bridge?

Onlooker #2-
She is an Object Sexual and finds comfort in loving a non-human object.

Onlooker #1-
You have to be f'ing kidding me!
by MTF March 17, 2009
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à person who enjoys being sexually attraccted to an object.
jack:check it out that girls raping that chair

James: she must be an objectsexual
by ut8uoiutrrrr March 06, 2009
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