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A Rapper signed to Eminem's label Shady Records
Cheers is one of the best debuts ever
by AC September 23, 2003
One of the most underrated rappers of all time. Signed to Shady Records
Cheers to the mother fuckin self inflictin
by K-Feezy fo Sheezy May 22, 2005
possably the greatest debut album ever, great songs eg. shit hits the fan, look in my eyes.
obie trice is da shit
by Anonymous October 20, 2003
holy f**k! obie trice is such a good rapper. cheers is such a great album!!! look in my eyes is one of the best songs ever!!!!!
obie trice real name no gimmicks rap i live it
by g unit January 24, 2004
So I came to the game,
Real name, no gimmicks!
Rapper livin'!
(That's why I ain't got no...)
I didn't take much. One hot single. BAM! Smiles and hand-shakes, my man. The industry greeted me with open arms and no type of flack 'cause O-Trice got that..
by B-Drac July 26, 2003
My Favirite rapper.
Would be better if he didnt talk about his dick in ever song
in bad bitch: Thanks for calming down my erection
by noone January 25, 2005
The artist of probaly the greatest solo debut album ever, signed to shady records, somehow is starting to make eminem good, does a lot of work with him.
If eminem stopped writing songs for obie trice and put em on his own album he could actually be good one day
by B-Mount November 11, 2003
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