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A state is "Obamowned" in a primary or caucus when Barack Obama wins it in a landslide victory over Hillary Clinton. Variations of the term include Obamown and Obamownage.
Did you see the election returns for Kansas on Super Tuesday? Barack just Obamowned Clinton there.
#obama #barack #obamarama #election #president #campaign
by Ned Burchfiel February 05, 2008
A win (not exclusively electoral) for US presidential candidate Barak Obama, his speeches or ideals. Usually brought about by persuasive logic, compassionate analysis and intelligent reframing of a the subject, the term is especially appropriate where the win runs counter to conventional wisdom.
Dr.Zom: "Fox news just got Obamowned on this - they interviewed the oldest crustiest guy in a live diner segment and asked him how he felt about Obama's statements. He agreed with Obama. That apparently was not what the reporter was going for so she kept digging. He kept agreeing. Priceless."
#obamage #obamownage #obaminated #obamilicious #obammed
by sslienhest April 12, 2008
An phenomenon where Senator Barack Obama dominates in a democratic primarily, usually when he was not expected to.
Damn Hilary got obamowned in Iowa.
#obama #barack #obamowned #democrat #hillary
by dave February 15, 2008
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