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The abominable amalgamation of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

This Frankenstein-creature was created to emphasize, no matter who you vote for in November for U.S. president... you're going to get the same damn result.

Obamney was born from the churning fires of stagnancy, to show Americans that the only government they need to vote for is one that does everything to keep the status-quo and do nothing to change Foreign policy, economic policies, the taxing system, unconstitutional laws, corruption, and education reform

To throw off suspicion though, they will change Health Care...
Enlightened American: God damn, I can't believe Ron Paul's chances have vanished already, it's only 4 months before election.. guess we're fucked since Obamney is the only option left... hurray to another 4 years of bad government
by DrInformed July 19, 2012
The combination of Obama and Romney. Generally used if one does not know who to vote for because they are both the wrong choice for America.
Joe: Who are you voting for in the election?

Schmoe: Ehhh.. I think I'm going Obamney.
by laxlife23 November 08, 2012

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