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Severe vomiting and weight loss caused by Barack Obama winning the presidential election.
Patient: "I started throwing up on November 4th and haven't stopped since."

Doctor: "It appears that you're suffering from Obamarexia. Unfortunately, it could last as long as 8 years but it will eventually end."
#obama #politics #vomiting #weight loss #socialist
by Don in Austin November 06, 2008
1. The uncontrollable urge to vomit every time you hear Barack Obama speak.

2. Vomiting caused by listening to Obama Kool-Aid drinkers talk about their "leader".

3. Using Obama rallies to cause vomiting after eating (similar to a dog eating grass to cause them to vomit when they are sick).
I suffered a violent case of Obamarexia after watching the debate last night.
#barack #obama #vomiting #obamarexia #sickness #koolaid-drinker
by DirtyDon March 02, 2009
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