A proposed economic plan by Barack Obama, supposedly more market oriented than Hillary Clinton's plan
Guy 1: Dude have you heard about Obamanomics?
Guy 2: No, what is it?
Guy 1: Uh... I think its like Reaganomics.
Guy 2: Do you even know what Reaganomics is?
Guy 1: Uh no actually I don't.
Guy 2: You are such an idiot
by Stockholder February 13, 2008
an unoffical term, used to describe the economic policy of President Barack Obama.

Obama, being a Democrat, thinks that economic policy should NOT make the rich richer while making the poor poorer. He is smart enough to realize trickle-down economics is absurd. If you strengthen the working class, then all people will benefit. Obama thinks the 90% of the population that is not rich is more important than the 10% who are rich.
Obama-nomics is the fundamental opposite of Reaganomics.
by Charles_U_Farley November 19, 2010
The economic policies of Barack Obama, the fundamental opposite of Reaganomics.
Guy 1:
"Didja ya hear about Obama's new policy, man, he's gonna change the world!"

Guy 2:
"Naw, it's just a bunch of hippie, treehugging Obama-nomics bullcrap."
by bobr February 03, 2009
noun;, a euphamism describing Barack Hussein Obama's method of strengthening the global economic positioning of the Obamanation / "United" States of America. Once promising "change we can believe in", the "steadfast" course that Obama (45th president of the United States) has taken. Critics from both parties will "ride the fence" until a positive result is achieved from this course of action taken by Obama.
woodtick # 1: yeah, I just heard Obama signed a bill that is gonna get us in debt for the next 2 or 3 generations"
woodtick #2 "yep, it's only something like 800 billion dollars, that's better than a trillion."
woodtick # 1: "well... let me see...800 billion dollars, that's uh... 80 trillion pennies. That's alot of change."
woodtick # 2: "yea man, that's change we can believe in."
woodtick # 1: "sounds like Obamanomics to me."
by terryzz February 24, 2009

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