A political policy of financially fist-raping anyone with a work ethic in order to fund the reproduction and welfare checks of the "white trash" and " lazy nigga" subset of the US population.

The basic premises are these:

1) The harder you work, the harder you will be taxed.

2) The lazier you are, the more you will be rewarded.

3) The lower the potential gain, the greater the amount of tax dollars should be spent on it.

4) Strip every entrepreneur of every dollar of capital he has spent his life's work earning in order to fund every welfare "momma" getting a Cadillac Escalade paid for with tax dollars.

5) Have absolutely no accountability for those claiming disability, welfare, unemployment, under-age social security, etc.
Want ads... bullshit, why would I get my ass up and look for a job when I can make more money sittin here watching Springer. Hell, if I need more money, I'll just get pregnant again. Obamanomics is gettin my ass paid!!!
by Tell It True May 03, 2010
Top Definition
"Trickle up poverty". Refers to the economic policies promoted by United States President Barack Obama during his first four months of real experience in US Government. The four pillars of Obama's economic policy are:

1) Increase the growth of government spending,
2) decrease income by increasing tax rates,
3) increase government regulation of the people and economy,
4) increase control of the money supply to increase inflation.
I just lost my job, no thanks to Obamanomics.
by Mike in Centennial July 21, 2009
A static economic state in the U.S., where unemployment remains high, gross domestic product remains below a normal median curve, the treasury continues to deflate the dollar by printing more money and President Obama continues to be an anti capitalist in his economic approach.
Obamanomics - During the Obama administration, major manufacturing corporations were taken over by the federal government, banks and large investment firms were given billions of taxpayer dollars and jobs were lost, causing increased unemployment benefits claims. President Obama's approach to cure the situation was to increase spending, borrow more money via treasury bonds, printing more money, reducing the value of the dollar and continue to blame President George W. Bush for the economic downturn.
by dibrep June 06, 2011
penalize success; reward failure.
Hey bob i heard you were expanding your business, hows it goin?

Not good Justin, under obama's tax code i couldn't survive the first 3 months after i expanded. is that an escalade? how much did those spinners cost?

sure is, totally cost me 55000. i lost my job, got some obama money and was able to afford it.

obamanomics in full play
by XG9 April 08, 2010
Penalizing producers and borrowing money to pay back money you already owe.
In a classic example of obamanomics, Michelle obtained new credit cards to help pay on her maxed out older ones.
by godawggo July 12, 2009
Economic practices of President Barack Obama characterized by confusing stimulus funding that comes with a catch, record deficits that exceed previous 4 year record numbers in just six months and obvious socialism of private business.
Hey dude, the government couldn't sell whores and whiskey in Vegas when they took over the Mustang Ranch and it failed. How they gonna sell cars?

Shut your mouth bitch, thats obamanomics at work.
by mule52 July 20, 2009
The "soon to become popular" term that will come to represent President Elect, Barak Obama's failed, socialist-influenced economic plan.
"let me get this straight. The more financially successful I become, the more money the government will take from me? And, MY money will be used to fund idealistic, social welfare programs, which have already been proven miserable failures in every country in which they've been implemented? Welcome to the wonderful world of Obamanomics!"
by doctorpinkfreud November 12, 2008
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