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A metaphor used by certain politicians to describe the depth and degree of focus and concentration upon a singular issue, to the exclusion of all other issues, that is of paramount importance at that particular moment in time. The use of this metaphor is commonly employed when addressing the concerns of citizens/voters that the candidate has not, in fact, ignored such singular issue of concern. Nevertheless, the mere use of such a metaphor operates as a tacit admission by the politician that he/she has indeed ignored the issue. Metaphorically speaking, the life of an obamalaser is very short-lived, has a very poor aim and focus, and changes targets on virtually a daily basis, and is consistently ineffective; hence, continuous use of this metaphor has been proven to cause permanent damage to one's credibility.
Person A: Obama's the man! He just said he was to focus on the economy like a laser beam!

Person B: That's funny, yesterday he said he was going to focus like a laser beam on the oil spill in the Gulf! By the way, how's the unemployment rate?

Person A: Still lousy. How's the oil spill?

Person B. Still gushing.

Person A: I guess problems can't be solved by using an obamalaser.
by BA from PA July 02, 2010
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