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People who use the derogatory word “Retard” to bolster their political views and to defame those who disagree with their political ideology.

Politically, Obamagoloids tend to lean to the extreme left of the traditional Democratic Party; they are staunch supporters of Socialism, the Socialist ideology and their leader Barack Obama. Some Obamagoloids subscribe to the ideology of communisim and openly consider themselves to be communists.

ROOT: Mongoloid is a derogatory term to describe a mental retard; someone with mental retardation or "Down's Syndrome." Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States; hence "Obamagoloid" is a derived from Obama and Mongoloid.

(See also: Obamatard / Obamatards)
An Obamagoloid would say..."The Tea Partiers is a bunch of retards."
by webnetblogger February 17, 2010
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