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A person who supports Obama and is willing to vote for him but doesn't know a thing about him.
It's just a label for someone who doesn't know anything about Obama. You call them a Obamabot because they just spew out their support but have nothing else to show.
by madmik1 February 04, 2008
One who supports Barack Obama and yet knows
very little or nothing about Obama the man and politician; his history, accomplishments and challenges beyond repeating Obama Camp talking points and/or slogans.

An Obamabot typically can't define, explain or defend Obama's policies. If an Obamabot is pursued or confronted about his or her seeming blind loyalty and lack of knowledge, he or she will typically launch a 'counter attack' (to a perceived attack) and accuse those who differ as racist, ignorant, hateful, etc. and/or will become resentful, indignant,
insulting, and even threatening (in cases which are most extreme).
Mary shared her concern about a recent confrontation by an Obamabot that she encountered as she silently wore another candidate's pin. The Obamabot, called Mary a "war monger" and "racist pig" though Mary gave no indication of her opinion. Mary attempted to reason with the Obamabot, but her effort was met with talking points, slogans, angry accusations and insults.
by Chi-town Thom December 01, 2008
Internet user paid to post pro-Obama articles in newsgroups, forums, and viral e-mails. Often hired by Soros funded groups. Obamabots proliferated throughout the campaign, and are back again to tout healthcare reform. See ads in craigslist for obamabots.
Our forum was invaded with obamabots yesterday. They posted identical talking points then went off to collect their $15 per hour for the service. Moderators?? Troll B Gone please!
by Truthometer August 17, 2009
What Barack Obama’s extremely delusional supporters are.

These people view any negative comment about him as blasphemy because they view Barack Hoover Obama as a black liberal messiah. They know nothing about his politics and plug their ears with their fingers when Obama pushes the country further right of Ronald Regain.

Any legitimate criticism of the President is countered with accusations of racism, even towards those on the left who don't think Obama is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ as they do.
Examples of Obama bots are Third Way, & The people’s view, and many faux liberal blogs.
by Oolon_Colluphid August 20, 2011
1. The type of voter who Obama is targeting when he bumps American Idol in order to give a prime time address to the nation.
The President bumped American Idol again so he could read the teleprompter to his Obama Bots.
by oldmanklc7734 April 09, 2009
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