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Food stamps - EBT card.
Frank: I sure am hungry! I wish I could buy some food from the store, but unfortunately I'm out of money.
Steve: No problem, I'll just put it on my Obama card!
Frank: Wow, I feel kind of bad having the government pay for my munchies...
Steve: Don't feel bad, father Barack funds my card himself!
by mdlee52 July 28, 2013
phrase used in defensive argument to counteract the "racist card". no real meaning other than defense to annoying black chicks who like to mouth off and call you a racist just because you have less melanin, but can get skin cancer easier
Black (afrian american) chick: "You callin' me a gold-digga cuz I'm black. You racist! You racist wite bitch!"

Me: "Girl, grow up and don't pull the racist card on me or I'll pull the obama card on you"
by yourmothersgotleprocy August 15, 2010
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