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A serious conversation, usually between male friends, where life problems are discussed and sometimes resolved. A conversation about feelings, very similar to a heart-to-heart conversation, where one person takes the lead in offering advice and attempts to help the other person or people through their problems, sometimes resulting in an emotional breakthrough. A cheaper alternative to celebrity psychologist/t.v. host Dr. Phil McGraw.

Note: It is much easier for men to have a Dr. Phil session, rather than a heart-to-heart conversation, with each other because it is widely seen as being more masculine, and therefore more socially acceptable.

Tom: Did Larry tell you about all the problems he's having with his girlfriend?

Dave: Yeah, we totally had a Dr. Phil session the other night.
by mdlee52 January 06, 2009
Wheez-laughed out loud. Similar to lol, but lacking in the robust follow-through of a full-blown lol. An unvoiced laugh.
Rakim: Plaxico Burress is innocent!

Fred: Wlol.
by mdlee52 January 06, 2009
Food stamps - EBT card.
Frank: I sure am hungry! I wish I could buy some food from the store, but unfortunately I'm out of money.
Steve: No problem, I'll just put it on my Obama card!
Frank: Wow, I feel kind of bad having the government pay for my munchies...
Steve: Don't feel bad, father Barack funds my card himself!
by mdlee52 July 28, 2013
A singing style characterized by senseless, tasteless and gratuitous vocal embellishments including, but not limited to, unending grupettos, raspy whispering, vocalized telephone-trills, and whistle-range experimentation.

As the root word implies, this style of singing is best exemplified by pop superstar Christina Aguilera.

Listeners exposed to Aguileraitis can expect to experience ringing ears, headache, and even, occasionally, projectile vomiting.
Sam: Did you see Maya Rudolph in that National Anthem skit on SNL the other night?

Dave: Yes, wasn't she great?!?

Sam: Yeah, her character totally had Aguileraitis!
by mdlee52 January 31, 2014

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