Oak Cliff is where i grew up ! Its a place where there is lots of drug busts and gangs. Its where the best parties are at in Texas:)
B: Brah wanna go 2 a party
F: sure were at
B: in Oak CLiff!
by shawty469 October 29, 2011
A city in south west Dallas Texas, Known for drugs, Gangs, Shootings, projects, ect. This of course is what the people who have never been to Oak Cliff believe. Oak Cliff does not have lots of shootings, And believe it or not everyone there gets along. Also the whole city is not made up of "ghetto" homes, in fact about 60% of the houses there are very upscale.
Woww bro, I always thought that Oak Cliff was trashy and ghetto, I sure was srong
by aaespinoza March 15, 2011
the crunkest side of DALLAS 214 where all gettho mexicans represnt and where only the cabrones live!! and chapetes dont exist! OC 214 where the ESLX3 represet! fo' sure!
EASTSIDE LOCOS X3 Leads! so get it clear! and dont trip homes!
by OC LoKoTa ESLX3 April 06, 2005
Oak Cliff, Southwest Dallas, TX, aka Oak Cliff, Texas, OCT, OC, Tha Cliff, Tha Oak. All of Oak Cliff isn't bad, but almost every neighborhood south of Illinois Ave (South Oak Cliff, Soc), is dangerous, poor and full of minorities. North Oak Cliff is mostly good, but Northeastern, aka Downtown Oak Cliff is dangerous. South, Southeast and southwest, and west Oak Cliff is full of danger, but is poorer. Even if you think you might be in a nice area of OCT cuz of the way the houses look, still be careful, cuz theres gentrification goin on and theres alot of nice lookin houses that the thugs is just gonna tear em up again. OCT is mostly black mexican and loas. black niggas is southsidem mexicans is southwest, blacks is southeast, and laos is spreaded out. Dont look at a nigga wrong when you in OAK CLIFF, TEXAS! COUNTRY BOYS'LL KILL YA!
Tall-Ts, airbrush read Oak Cliff, Texas
by Cadillac Drive Pat February 14, 2010
A place that claims to be "Ghetto" and "Krunk" and "Hood" which are used as euphemisms to actually describe a really run-down part of Dallas that everyone forgot and don't really care enough about to build up to standard. All of the "Crime" that happens here is carried out by petty thieves and your occasional only-killing-to-become-infamous-among-his-neighbors-who-are-just-as-ungangster-as-he-is moron who listens to too much NWA. You know the type...he'll brag about being dragged to the ground by some "punk-ass Dallas cop"...of course, all residents in Dallas know that it takes a special kind of mentally challenged person to get arrested by the unbelievably apathetic Dallas police force. I'm a white dude, at the time, I had long hair and was wearing a Motley Crue shirt...I went in to pump gas, and no one even acknowledged me.
Oak Cliff Guy Freestyling:

I grew up in OC
Killin' to survive
My dead beat dad
Left us when I was five
I wear these gold chains
but claim I'm dirt poor
My mom is a career woman
You know she's a whore

Word to ya mutha.
by PlayAlone64 January 10, 2010
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